What's left of mankind is leaving a destitute Earth and lands on what they call Second Earth (NOVUS) but they quickly realize that this place is already occupied by strange tribes with different levels of tech. Mankind, left with no choice, have to deal with this new planet, learn how things work and find a way to survive.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Novus: Spike Rocks

Radio Signal Transmitted message:

It's been months since we landed here. The bunkers made from our fallen ship wrecks are all that separates us from the ghostly figures that loom in the shadows of the night. We've established camp on the top of Spike Rocks, as we call it here. Far too many have died and very few remain. Many of the hunters have fallen ill by adventuring in toxic areas while chasing their prays. Some of the toxic areas are easy to spot because of the color that lingers in the air while other toxic areas show no apparent sign and are only visible on our monitors.

We're hoping that the rest of our fleet will make it here alive and hopefully will be able to trace our crash zone. We can't withstand this harsh environment without proper medical assistance and supplies. We desperately need your help. If anyone catches this message, please come to us before it's too late.

Survivors of the 4th fleet vessel, over and out...

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